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By sharing your code as a Python module, you open up your code to the entire Python community…and it’s always good to share, isn’t it? In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create, install, and distribute your own shareable modules. You’ll then load your module onto Python’s software sharing site on the Web, so that everyone can benefit from your work.

Along the way, you’ll pick up a few new tricks relating to Python’s functions, too.


It’s too good not to share
Turn your function into a module
Modules are everywhere
Comment your code
Prepare your distribution
Build your distribution
A quick review of your distribution
Import a module to use it
Python’s modules implement namespaces
Register with the PyPI website
Upload your code to PyPI
Welcome to the PyPI community
Control behavior with an extra argument
Before your write new code, think BIF
Python tries its best to run your code
Trace your code
Work out what’s wrong
Update PyPI with your new code
You’ve changed your API
Use optional arguments
Your module supports both APIs
Your API is still not right
Your module’s reputation is restored
Your Python Toolbox

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