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The Web is a great place to host your app…until things get real. Sooner or later, you’ll hit the jackpot and your webapp will be wildly successful. When that happens, your webapp goes from a handful of hits a day to thousands, possibly ten of thousands, or even more.
Will you be ready? Will your web server handle the load? How will you know? What will it cost? Who will pay? Can your data model scale to millions upon millions of data items without slowing to a crawl? Getting a webapp up and running is easy with Python and now, thanks to Google App Engine, scaling a Python webapp is achievable, too. So…flip the page and find out how.


There are whale sightings everywhere
The HFWWG needs to automate
Build your webapp with Google App Engine
Download and install App Engine
Make sure App Engine is working
App Engine uses the MVC pattern
Model your data with App Engine
What good is a model without a view?
Use templates in App Engine
Django’s form validation framework
Check your form
Controlling your App Engine webapp
Restrict input by providing options
Meet the “blank screen of death”
Process the POST within your webapp
Put your data in the datastore
Don’t break the “robustness principle”
Accept almost any date and time
It looks like you’re not quite done yet
Sometimes, the tiniest change can make all the difference…
Capture your user’s Google ID, too
Deploy your webapp to Google’s cloud
Your HFWWG webapp is deployed!
Your Python Toolbox

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