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“What makes Python different?” The short answer is: lots of things. The longer answers starts by stating that there’s lots that’s familiar, too. Python is a lot like any other general-purpose programming language, with statements, expressions, operators, functions, modules, methods, and classes. All the usual stuff, really.

And then there’s the other stuff Python provides that makes the programmer’s life—your life—that little bit easier. You’ll start your tour of Python by learning about lists. But, before getting to that, there’s another important question that needs answering.


What’s to like about Python?
Install Python 3
Use IDLE to help learn Python
Work effectively with IDLE
Deal with complex data
Create simple Python lists
Lists are like arrays
Add more data to your list
Work with your list data
For loops work with lists of any size
Store lists within lists
Check a list for a list
Complex data is hard to process
Handle many levels of nested lists
Don’t repeat code; create a function
Create a function in Python
Recursion to the rescue!
Your Python Toolbox

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