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The Web and your phone are not just great ways to display data. They are also great tools to for accepting input from your users. Of course, once your webapp accepts data, it needs to put it somewhere, and the choices you make when deciding what and where this “somewhere” is are often the difference between a webapp that’s easy to grow and extend and one that isn’t.

In this chapter, you’ll extend your webapp to accept data from the Web (via a browser or from an Android phone), as well as look at and enhance your back-end data-management services.


Your athlete times app has gone national
Use a form or dialog to accept input
Create an HTML form template
The data is delivered to your CGI script
Ask for input on your Android phone
It’s time to update your server data
Avoid race conditions
You need a better data storage mechanism
Use a database management system
Python includes SQLite
Exploit Python’s database API
The database API as Python code
A little database design goes a long way
Define your database schema
What does the data look like?
Transfer the data from your pickle to SQLite
What ID is assigned to which athlete?
Insert your timing data
SQLite data management tools
Integrate SQLite with your existing webapp
You still need the list of names
Get an athlete’s details based on ID
You need to amend your Android app, too
Update your SQLite-based athlete data
The NUAC is over the moon!
Your Python Toolbox

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