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It’s great when you can apply Python to a specific domain area. Whether it’s web development, database management, or mobile apps, Python helps you get the job done by not getting in the way of you coding your solution. And then there’s the other types of problems: the ones you can’t categorize or attach to a domain.
Problems that are in themselves so unique you have to look at them in a different, highly specific way. Creating bespoke software solutions to these type of problems is an area where Python excels. In this, your final chapter, you’ll stretch your Python skills to the limit and solve problems along the way.


What’s a good time goal for the next race?
So…what’s the problem?
Start with the data
Store each time as a dictionary
Dissect the prediction code
Get input from your user
Getting input raises an issue…
Search for the closest match
The trouble is with time
The time-to-seconds-to-time module
The trouble is still with time…
Port to Android
Your Android app is a bunch of dialogs
Put your app together…
Your app’s a wrap!
Your Python Toolbox

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