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An object is a thing.Think about object-oriented programming as a thing and something you want to do to that thing.This is in contrast to a programming language such as C, known as a procedural programming language. In C, you typically think about what you want to do first and then you worry about the objects, almost the opposite of object orientation. Consider an example from everyday life. Let’s assume that you own a car, which is obviously an object, and one that you own.You don’t have just any car; you have a particular car that was manufactured in a factory, maybe in Detroit, maybe in Japan, or maybe someplace else.

Your car has a vehicle identification number (VIN) that uniquely identifies that car here in the United States. In object-oriented parlance, your particular car is an instance of a car. Continuing with the terminology, car is the name of the class from which this instance was created. So each time a new car is manufactured, a new instance from the class of cars is created, and each instance of the car is referred to as an object. 


What Is an Object, Anyway?
Instances and Methods
An Objective-C Class for Working with Fractions
The @interface Section
  1. Choosing Names
  2. Class and Instance Methods

The @implementation Section
The program Section
Accessing Instance Variables and Data Encapsulation

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