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Streams are fundamental to input and output in your programs in the most instances. The package that supports stream input/output primarily is but other packages such as java.nio.file define stream classes, too. The defines a large number of classes and interfaces, many of which have a significant number of methods.

It is quite impractical to go into them all in detail in this book so my strategy in this and in the following chapters discussing file I/O is to take a practical approach. I provide an overall grounding in the concepts and equip you with enough detailed knowledge of the classes involved to enable you to do a number of specific, useful, and practical things in your programs. These are:

  1. To be able to read data from the keyboard
  2. To be able to write formatted output to a stream, such as System.out
  3. To be able to read and write files containing strings and basic types of data
  4. To be able to read and write files containing objects
To achieve this, I first give you an overview of the important stream classes in this chapter and how they interrelate. I'll go into the detail selectively, just exploring the classes and methods that you need to accomplish the specific things I noted.


Streams and Input/Output Operations
Understanding Streams
  1. Input and Output Streams
  2. Binary and Character Streams

The Classes for Input and Output
  1. Basic Input Stream Operations
  2. Buff ered Input Streams
  3. Basic Output Stream Operations
  4. Stream Readers and Writers

The Standard Streams
  1. Getting Data from the Keyboard
  2. Writing to the Command Line
  3. The printf() Method
  4. Formatting Data into a String 

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