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Java is an innovative programming language that has become the language of choice for programs that need to run on a variety of different computer systems. First of all, Java enables you to write small programs called applets. These are programs that you can embed in web pages to provide some intelligence.
Being able to embed executable code in a web page introduces a vast range of exciting possibilities. Instead of being a passive presentation of text and graphics, a web page can be interactive in any way that you want. You can include animations, games, interactive transaction processing — the possibilities are almost unlimited. Of course, embedding program code in a web page creates special security requirements.
As an Internet user accessing a page with embedded Java code, you need to be confident that it won't do anything that might interfere with the operation of your computer or damage the data you have on your system. This implies that execution of the embedded code must be controlled in such a way that it prevents accidental damage to your computer environment, as well as ensure that any Java code that was created with malicious intent is effectively inhibited. Java implicitly incorporates measures to minimize the possibility of such occurrences arising with a Java applet.


What Is Java All About?
Features of the Java Language
Learning Java
  1. Java Programs
  2. Learning Java — the Road Ahead

The Java Environment
  1. Java Program Development

Object-Oriented Programming in Java
  1. So What Are Objects?
  2. What Defi nes a Class of Objects?
  3. Operating on Objects
  4. Java Program Statements
  5. Encapsulation
  6. Classes and Data Types
  7. Classes and Subclasses
  8. Advantages of Using Objects
  9. Annotations
  10. Generic Classes

Java Program Structure
  1. Java's Class Library
  2. Java Applications

Java and Unicode 

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