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In this chapter you look at some more useful classes in the java.util package, but this time they are not collection classes — just a collection of classes. You also look at the facilities provided by classes in the java.util.regex package that implement regular expressions in Java. Support for regular expressions is a very powerful and important feature of Java.


Utility Methods for Arrays

  1. Filling an Array
  2. Copying an Array
  3. Comparing Arrays
  4. Sorting Arrays
  5. Searching Arrays
  6. Array Contents as a String
Observable and Observer Objects

  1. Defining Classes of Observable Objects
  2. Observable Class Methods
Generating Random Numbers

  1. Random Operations
Dates and Times

  1. The Date Class
  2. Interpreting Date Objects
  3. Gregorian Calendars
Regular Expressions

  1. Defining Regular Expressions
Using a Scanner

  1. Creating Scanner Objects
  2. Getting Input from a Scanner
  3. Testing for Tokens
  4. Defining Your Own Patterns for Tokens 

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