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Wherever you go, there you are. And sometimes knowing where you are makes all the difference (especially to a web app). In this chapter we’re going to show you how to create web pages that are location aware—sometimes you’ll be able to pinpoint your users down to the corner they’re standing on, and sometimes you’ll only be able to determine the area of town they’re in (but you’ll still know the town!).

Heck, sometimes you won’t be able to determine anything about their location, which could be for technical reasons, or just because they don’t want you being so nosy. Go figure. In any case, in this chapter we’re going to explore a JavaScript API: Geolocation. Grab the best location-aware device you have (even if it’s your desktop PC), and let’s get started.


Location, Location, Location
The Lat and Long of it...
How the Geolocation API determines your location
Just where are you anyway?
How it all fits together
Revealing our secret location...
Writing the code to find the distance
How to add a Map to your Page
Sticking a Pin in it...
The other cool things you can do with the Google Maps API
Can we talk about your accuracy?
“Wherever you go, there you are”
Getting the app started
Reworking our old code...
Time to get moving!
You’ve got some Options...
The world of timeouts and maximum age...
Don’t Try This at Home (Pushing Geo to the Limit)
Let’s finish this app!
Integrating our new function
Bullet Points
Exercise Solutions 

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