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Can you call yourself a scripter yet? Probably—you already know your way around a lot of JavaScript. But who wants to be a scripter when you can be a programmer? It’s time to get serious and take it up a notch—it’s time you learn about functions and objects. They’re the key to writing code that is more powerful, better organized and more maintainable.

They’re also heavily used  cross HTML5 JavaScript APIs, so the better you understand them the faster you can jump into a new API and start ruling with it. Strap in, this chapter is going to require your undivided attention.


Expanding your vocabulary
How to add your own functions
How a function works
Anatomy of a Function
Local and Global Variables
Knowing the scope of your local and global variables
Oh, did we mention functions are also values?
Did someone say “Objects”?!
How to create an object in JavaScript
Some things you can do with objects
Let’s talk about passing objects to functions
Objects can have behavior too...
Meanwhile back at Webville Cinema...
Adding the “this” keyword
How to create a constructor
How does this really work?
Test drive your constructor right off the factory floor
What is the window object anyway?
A closer look at window.onload
Another look at the document object
A closer look at document.getElementById
One more object to think about: your element objects
Bullet Points 

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