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You still haven’t reached out to touch your user. You’ve learned the basics of JavaScript but can you get interactive with your users? When pages respond to user input, they aren’t just documents anymore, they’re living, reacting applications. In this chapter you’re going to learn how to handle one form of user input (excuse the pun), and wire up an old-fashioned HTML <form> element to actual code.

It might sound dangerous, but it’s also powerful. Strap yourself in, this is a fast moving tothe-point-chapter where we go from zero to interactive app in no time.


Get ready for Webville Tunes
Getting started...
But nothing happens when I click “Add Song”
Handling Events
Making a Plan...
Getting access to the “Add Song” button
Giving the button a click handler
A closer look at what just happened...
Getting the song name
How do we add a song to the page?
How to create a new element
Adding an element to the DOM
Put it all together...
... and take it for a test drive
Review—what we just did
How to add the Ready Bake Code...
Integrating your Ready Bake Code
Bullet Points
Exercise Solutions 

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