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Have you ever thought about what a web page is? I mean, what it really is? Some people think of a web page as a visual medium—an aesthetically pleasing experience which may or may not contain information that’s of interest to the viewer. Other people think of a web page as a document that may be presented to readers in an aesthetically pleasing way. From a technical point of view, the document interpretation is more appropriate.
When we examine the elements of its construction, a web document can consist of up to three layers—content, presentation, and behavior—as illustrated in Figure 1.1. The content layer is always present. It comprises the information the author wishes to convey to his or her audience, and is embedded within HTML or XHTML markup that defines its structure and semantics. Most of the content on the Web today is text, but content can also be provided through images, animations, sound, video, and whatever else an author wants to publish.


CSS Versions
Linking CSS to a Web Document
Media Queries
Standards Mode, Quirks Mode, and Doctype Sniffing 

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