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In CSharp we can write our own class. Object-oriented programming is essentially programming in terms of smaller units called objects. An object oriented program is composed of one or more objects. Each object holds some data (fields or attributes) as defined by its class. The class also defines a set of functions (also called methods or operations) which can be invoked on its objects.

Generally the data is hidden within the objects (instances) and can be accessed only through functions defined by its class (encapsulation). One or more objects (instances) can be created from a class by a process called instantiation. The process of deciding which attributes and operations will be supported by an object (i.e. defining the class) is called abstraction. We say the state of the object is defined by the attributes it supports and its behaviour is defined by the operations it implements. The term passing a message to an object means invoking its operation. Sometimes the set of operations supported by an object is also referred to as the interface exposed by this object.

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