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AJAX continues to be one of the hot buzzwords in the Web application world at the moment. AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML , and, in Web application development, it signifies the capability to build applications that make use of the XMLHttpRequest object. The creation and the inclusion of the XMLHttpRequest object in JavaScript and the fact that most upper - level browsers support it led to the creation of the AJAX model.

AJAX applications, although they have been around for a few years, gained popularity after Google released a number of notable, AJAX - enabled applications such as Google Maps and Google Suggest from its R & D labs. These applications demonstrated the value of AJAX and were noticed by the world at large. Shortly thereafter, Microsoft released a beta for a new toolkit that enabled developers to incorporate AJAX features in their Web applications.
This toolkit, code - named Atlas and later renamed ASP.NET AJAX, makes using AJAX features in your applications extremely simple. The ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit was not part of the default .NET Framework 2.0 install. If you are using the .NET Framework 2.0, then it is an extra component that you must download from the Internet. If you are using ASP.NET 3.5 or 4, then you don ’ t have to worry about installing the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit because everything you need is already in place for you.


Understanding the Need for AJAX
Before AJAX
AJAX Changes the Story
ASP.NET AJAX and Visual Studio 2010
Client-Side Technologies
Server-Side Technologies
Developing with ASP.NET AJAX
Building ASP.NET AJAX Applications
Building a Simple ASP.NET Page without AJAX
Building a Simple ASP.NET Page with AJAX
ASP.NET AJAX’s Server-Side Controls
The ScriptManager Control
The ScriptManagerProxy Control
The Timer Control
The UpdatePanel Control
The UpdateProgress Control
Using Multiple UpdatePanel Controls
Working with Page History
Script Combining

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