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Of the two types of server controls, HTML server controls and Web server controls, the latter isconsidered the more powerful and fl exible. The previous chapter looked at how to use HTML server controls in applications. HTML server controls enable you to manipulate HTML elements from your server - side code. On the other hand, Web server controls are powerful because they are not explicitlytied to specifi c HTML elements; rather, they are more closely aligned to the specifi c functionality that you want to generate. As you will see throughout this chapter, Web server controls can be very simpleor rather complex depending on the control you are working with.

The purpose of the large collection of controls is to make you more productive. These controls give you advanced functionality that, in the past, you would have had to laboriously program or simply omit. In the classic ASP days, for example, few calendars were used on Internet Web sites. With the introduction of the Calendar server control in ASP.NET 1.0, calendar creation on a site became a trivial task. Building an image map on top of an image was another task that was diffi cult to achieve in ASP.NET 1. x , but this capability was introduced as a new server control in ASP.NET 2.0. As ASP.NET evolves through the releases, new controls are always added that help to make you a more productive Web developer.
This chapter introduces some of the available Web server controls. The fi rst part of the chapter focuses on the Web server controls that were around since the fi rst days of ASP.NET. Then the chapter explores the server controls that were introduced after the initial release of ASP.NET. This chapter does not discuss every possible control because some server controls are introduced and covered in other chapters throughout the book as they might be more related to that particular topic.


An Overview of Web Server Controls
The Label Server Control
The Literal Server Control
The TextBox Server Control
  1. Using the Focus() Method
  2. Using AutoPostBack
  3. Using AutoCompleteType

The Button Server Control
  1. The CausesValidation Property
  2. The CommandName Property
  3. Buttons That Work with Client-Side JavaScript

The LinkButton Server Control
The ImageButton Server Control
The HyperLink Server Control
The DropDownList Server Control
Visually Removing Items from a Collection
The ListBox Server Control
  1. Allowing Users to Select Multiple Items
  2. An Example of Using the ListBox Control
  3. Adding Items to a Collection

The CheckBox Server Control
  1. How to Determine Whether Check Boxes Are Checked
  2. Assigning a Value to a Check Box
  3. Aligning Text Around the Check Box

The CheckBoxList Server Control
The RadioButton Server Control
The RadioButtonList Server Control
Image Server Control
Table Server Control
The Calendar Server Control
  1. Making a Date Selection from the Calendar Control
  2. Choosing a Date Format to Output from the Calendar
  3. Making Day, Week, or Month Selections
  4. Working with Date Ranges
  5. Modifying the Style and Behavior of Your Calendar

AdRotator Server Control
The Xml Server Control
Panel Server Control
The PlaceHolder Server Control
BulletedList Server Control
HiddenField Server Control
FileUpload Server Control
  1. Uploading Files Using the FileUpload Control
  2. Giving ASP.NET Proper Permissions to Upload Files
  3. Understanding File Size Limitations
  4. Uploading Multiple Files from the Same Page
  5. Placing the Uploaded File into a Stream Object
  6. Moving File Contents from a Stream Object to a Byte Array

MultiView and View Server Controls
Wizard Server Control
  1. Customizing the Side Navigation
  2. Examining the AllowReturn Attribute
  3. Working with the StepType Attribute
  4. Adding a Header to the Wizard Control
  5. Working with the Wizard’s Navigation System
  6. Utilizing Wizard Control Events
  7. Using the Wizard Control to Show Form Elements

ImageMap Server Control
Chart Server Control 

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