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When you build a Web application, it usually has a similar look - and - feel across all its pages. Not too many applications are designed with each page dramatically different from the next. Generally, for your applications, you use similar fonts, colors, and server control styles across all the pages.

You can apply these common styles individually to each and every server control or object on each page, or you can use a capability provided by ASP.NET 4 to centrally specify these styles. All pages or parts of pages in the application can then access them. Themes are the text - based style defi nitions in  ASP.NET 4 that are the focus of this chapter.


Using ASP.NET Themes
  1. Applying a Theme to a Single ASP.NET Page
  2. Applying a Theme to an Entire Application
  3. Removing Themes from Server Controls
  4. Removing Themes from Web Pages
  5. Understanding Themes When Using Master Pages
  6. Understanding the StyleSheetTheme Attribute

Creating Your Own Themes
  1. Creating the Proper Folder Structure
  2. Creating a Skin
  3. Including CSS Files in Your Themes
  4. Having Your Themes Include Images

Defining Multiple Skin Options
Programmatically Working with Themes
  1. Assigning the Page’s Theme Programmatically
  2. Assigning a Control’s SkinID Programmatically

Themes, Skins, and Custom Controls 

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