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As discussed in the previous chapter, ASP.NET evolved from Microsoft ’ s earlier Web technology called Active Server Pages (referred to as ASP then and classic ASP today). This model was completely different from today ’ s ASP.NET. Classic ASP used interpreted languages to accomplish the construction of the fi nal HTML document before it was sent to the browser. ASP.NET, on the other hand, uses true compiled languages to accomplish the same task. The idea of building Web pages based on objects in a compiled environment is one of the main focuses of this chapter.

This chapter looks at how to use a particular type of object in ASP.NET pages called a server control and how you can profi t from using this control. We also introduce a particular type of server control-the HTML server control. The chapter also demonstrates how you can use JavaScript in ASP.NET pages to modify the behavior of server controls.
The rest of this chapter shows you how to use and manipulate server controls, both visually and programmatically, to help with the creation of your ASP.NET pages.


ASP.NET Server Controls
  1. Types of Server Controls
  2. Building with Server Controls
  3. Working with Server Control Events

Applying Styles to Server Controls
  1. Examining the Controls’ Common Properties
  2. Changing Styles Using Cascading Style Sheets
  3. CSS Changes in ASP.NET 4

HTML Server Controls
  1. Looking at the HtmlControl Base Class
  2. Looking at the HtmlContainerControl Class
  3. Looking at All the HTML Classes
  4. Using the HtmlGenericControl Class

Identifying ASP.NET Server Controls
Manipulating Pages and Server Controls with JavaScript
  1. Using Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock
  2. Using Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript
  3. Using Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptInclude

Client-Side Callback
  1. Comparing a Typical Postback to a Callback
  2. Using the Callback Feature — A Simple Approach
  3. Using the Callback Feature with a Single Parameter
  4. Using the Callback Feature — A More Complex Example 

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