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Your code always runs exactly as you wrote it, and you will never get it right the first time. So, expect to spend about 30 percent of your time debugging, and to be a successful debugger, learn to use the available tools effectively. Visual Studio has upped the ante, giving you a host of features that greatly improve your debugging experience.
Having so many features, however, can be overwhelming at first. This chapter breaks down all the techniques available to you, one at a time, while presenting a holistic view of Visual Studio, the Common Language Runtime (CLR), and the Base Class Library (BCL).
Additionally, because debugging is more than stepping through code, this chapter discusses efficient error and exception handling, tracing and logging, and cross - language (C#, Visual Basic, client – side JavaScript, XSLT, and SQL Stored Procedure) debugging.


Design-Time Support
  1. Syntax Notifications
  2. Immediate and Command Window
  3. Task List

  1. System.Diagnostics.Trace and ASP.NET’s Page.Trace
  2. Page-Level Tracing
  3. Application Tracing
  4. Viewing Trace Data
  5. Tracing from Components
  6. Trace Forwarding
  7. TraceListeners
  8. Diagnostic Switches
  9. Web Events

  1. What’s Required
  2. IIS versus ASP.NET Development Server
  3. Starting a Debugging Session
  4. Tools to Help You with Debugging
  5. Historical Debugging with IntelliTrace
  6. Debugging Multiple Threads
  7. Client-side JavaScript Debugging
  8. SQL Stored Proc Debugging

Exception and Error Handling
  1. Handling Exceptions on a Page
  2. Handling Application Exceptions
  3. Http Status Codes 

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