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When it was originally released, one of the most exciting features of ASP.NET was its ability to bind entire collections of data to controls at runtime without requiring you to write large amounts of code. The controls understood they were data - bound and would render the appropriate HTML for each item in the data collection.

Additionally, you could bind the controls to any type of data sources, from simple arrays to complex Oracle database query results. This was a huge step forward from ASP, in which each developer was responsible for writing all the data access code, looping through a recordset, and manually rendering the appropriate HTML code for each record of data. In later versions of ASP.NET Microsoft took the concept of server - side data binding and expanded it to make it even easier to understand and use by introducing a new layer of data abstraction called data source controls, simplifying how you add data to your application. It also brought into the toolbox a series of new and powerful databound controls such as the GridView, DetailsView, ListView, and FormView.


Data Source Controls
  1. SqlDataSource Control
  2. AccessDataSource Control
  3. LinqDataSource Control
  4. EntityDataSource Control
  5. XmlDataSource Control
  6. ObjectDataSource Control
  7. SiteMapDataSource Control

Data Source Control Caching
Storing Connection Information
Using Bound List Controls with Data Source Controls
  1. GridView
  2. Editing GridView Row Data
  3. Deleting GridView Data
  4. Other GridView Formatting Features
  5. DetailsView
  6. Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data Using DetailsView
  7. ListView
  8. FormView

Other Databound Controls
  1. TreeView
  2. AdRotator
  3. Menu

Inline Data-Binding Syntax
  1. Data-Binding Syntax
  2. XML Data Binding

Expressions and Expression Builders 

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