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The evolution of ASP.NET continues! The progression from Active Server Pages 3.0 to ASP.NET 1.0 was revolutionary, to say the least. And now the revolution continues with the latest release of ASP.NET — version 4. The original introduction of ASP.NET 1.0 fundamentally changed the Web programming model. ASP.NET 4 is just as revolutionary in the way it will increase your productivity.
As of late, the primary goal of ASP.NET is to enable you to build powerful, secure, dynamic applications using the least possible amount of code. Although this book covers the new features provided by ASP.NET 4, it also covers all the offerings of ASP.NET technology.


Application Location Options
  1. Built-in Web Server
  2. IIS
  3. FTP
  4. Web Site Requiring FrontPage Extensions

The AS P.NE T Page Structure Options
  1. Inline Coding
  2. Code-Behind Model

AS P.NE T 4 Page Directives
  1. @Page
  2. @Master
  3. @Control
  4. @Import
  5. @Implements
  6. @Register
  7. @Assembly
  8. @PreviousPageType
  9. @MasterType
  10. @OutputCache
  11. @Reference

AS P.NE T Page Events
Dealing with Postbacks
Cross-Page Posting
AS P.NE T Application Folders
  1. App_Code Folder
  2. App_Data Folder
  3. App_Themes Folder
  4. App_GlobalResources Folder
  5. App_LocalResources Folder
  6. App_WebReferences Folder
  7. App_Browsers Folder

Build Providers
  1. Using the Built-in Build Providers
  2. Using Your Own Build Providers

Working with Classes Through Visual Studio 2010

Ebook Preview

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