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Android is already the most widely used way of creating interactive clients using the Java language. Although there have been several other user interface class libraries for Java (AWT, SWT, Swing, J2ME Canvas, and so on), none of them has been as widely accepted as Android. For any Java programmer, the Android UI is worth learning just to understand what the future of Java UIs might look like. The Android toolkit doesn’t gratuitously bend Java in unfamiliar directions.
The mobile environment is simply different. There is a much wider variety of display sizes and shapes; there is no mouse (though there might be a touch screen); text input might be triple-tap; and so on. There are also likely to be many more peripheral devices: motion sensors, GPS units, cameras, multiple radios, and more. Finally, there is the everpresent concern about power. While Moore’s law affects processors and memory (doubling their power approximately every two years), no such law affects battery life. When processors were slow, developers used to be concerned about CPU speed and efficiency. Mobile developers, on the other hand, need to be concerned about energy efficiency.


Android Is Reshaping Client-Side Java
The Java Type System
  1. Primitive Types
  2. Objects and Classes
  3. Object Creation
  4. The Object Class and Its Methods
  5. Objects, Inheritance, and Polymorphism
  6. Final and Static Declarations
  7. Abstract Classes
  8. Interfaces
  9. Exceptions
  10. The Java Collections Framework
  11. Garbage Collection

  1. Java Packages
  2. Access Modifiers and Encapsulation

Idioms of Java Programming
  1. Type Safety in Java
  2. Using Anonymous Classes
  3. Modular Programming in Java
  4. Basic Multithreaded Concurrent Programming in Java
  5. Synchronization and Thread Safety
  6. Thread Control with wait() and notify() Methods
  7. Synchronization and Data Structures

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