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Android introduces a richer approach by supporting multiple application entry points. Android programs should expect the system to start them in different places, depending on where the user is coming from and what the user wants to do next. Instead of a hierarchy of places, your program is a cooperating group of components that may be started from outside the flow of your application.
For example, a component to scan a bar code provides a discrete function that many applications can integrate into their UI flow. Instead of relying on the user to directly start each application, the components themselves invoke one another to perform interactions on behalf of the user.


Traditional Programming Models Compared to Android
Activities, Intents, and Tasks
Other Android Components
  1. Service
  2. Content Providers
  3. BroadcastReceiver

Component Life Cycles
  1. The Activity Life Cycle
  2. On Porting Software to Android

Static Application Resources and Context
  1. Organizing Java Source
  2. Resources
  3. Application Manifests
  4. Initialization Parameters in AndroidManifest.xml
  5. Packaging an Android Application: The .apk File

The Android Application Runtime Environment
  1. The Dalvik VM
  2. Zygote: Forking a New Process
  3. Sandboxing: Processes and Users
  4. The Android Libraries

Extending Android
  1. The Android Application Template
  2. Overrides and Callbacks
  3. Polymorphism and Composition
  4. Extending Android Classes

Concurrency in Android
  1. AsyncTask and the UI Thread
  2. Threads in an Android Process

  1. Java Serialization
  2. Parcelable
  3. Classes That Support Serialization
  4. Serialization and the Application Life Cycle

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