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This chapter covers everything it takes to get your application into users’ hands. Earlier in this book, we told you everything you needed to get started reading example code and creating simple programs. Here, we complete the picture, with all the other operations you need to perform to widely distribute your applications, sell them (if that is your aim), and subsequently get paid by Google, which operates the Android Market.
You may not be ready to put your application into the Android Market, but keeping this process in mind will shape the way you design and implement your application. Commerce has considerations that are distinct from most other aspects of software development, including identifying yourself to the Android Market and to your customers, obtaining permission to use certain APIs, protecting your identity, and preparing your app to be run on a variety of hardware as well as to be updated over time.


Application Signing
  1. Public Key Encryption and Cryptographic Signing
  2. How Signatures Protect Software Users, Publishers, and Secure Communications
  3. Signing an Application

Placing an Application for Distribution in the Android Market
  1. Becoming an Official Android Developer
  2. Uploading Applications in the Market
  3. Getting Paid

Alternative Distribution
  1. Verizon Applications for Android
  2. Amazon Applications for Android

Google Maps API Keys
Specifying API-Level Compatibility
Compatibility with Many Kinds of Screens
  1. Testing for Screen Size Compatibility
  2. Resource Qualifiers and Screen Sizes

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