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In this chapter and the next, we introduce framework, or skeleton, applications that exemplify many of the design and implementation approaches presented in this book, especially in Chapter 3 where we introduced the components of an application.
The framework application in this chapter can be used as a starting point for your own applications. We recommend this approach to creating applications over starting from scratch, or from smaller examples that do not implement all the aspects of the Activity object and activity life cycle.
The approach we take in this chapter enables you to visualize and understand the component life cycle before you know you need it. Retrofitting life cycle handling to an application that was written without understanding life cycles, or with the expectation that life cycle handling won’t be needed, is one of the easiest ways to create an Android application that fails unexpectedly, in ways that are hard to reproduce consistently, and that has persistent bugs that can remain undiscovered across multiple attempts to eradicate them. In other words, it’s best to learn.
This chapter isn’t about user interfaces, but you should keep in mind that the Android user interface classes were designed with both the constraints of the Android architecture and the capabilities of the Android system in mind. Implementations of user interface and life cycle handling go hand in hand. Correctly handling the life cycles of an application, the process that contains the application, the Activity objects that contain the UI of the application, and the Fragment objects that might be contained in an Activity instance are key to a good user experience.


Visualizing Life Cycles

  1. Visualizing the Activity Life Cycle
Visualizing the Fragment Life Cycle
The Activity Class and Well-Behaved Applications

  1. The Activity Life Cycle and the User Experience
Life Cycle Methods of the Application Class

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